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  Are religions to blame? 

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O' God! In gratitude I thank you for the two nations below: Pakistan & U.A.E.

 For our Blessed country, whch has Maternally and silently yearned for my return, and only prayer after is to shower a benificial return for every moment of absence I have spent away from her!  Uncle Kay 
 For the Blessed U.A.E., especially Dubai, which has been generiously hosting me for the past 55 years. Only prayer after is to make their honorable progeny to expand beyond the stars, and when my stardust is scattered amongst the stars, let me retain  the good memopries!   Uncle Kay
Feed the hungry project
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Pakistan coming soon
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India coming soon
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Bangladesh coming soon
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Africa coming soon


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Welcome to the Portal of higher dimensions!

Here you be guided to the joys of living a fullfilled life,

with family, friends, neighbours, team, employees, and fellow humans.

If you want to correct or compliment the way you were served in Dubai

as a customer, or are involved in a service oriented business yourself,

and would like for us to vet your short-listed recruits for attitude, plus get them                                                      Empathetic, Compassionate. then invite us to do a complimentary service evaluation <Charishma=Karma>:

We do not advertise our confidentiality!

Happy Blessed Living!!!

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My Intro

Tweaking human vibes in Dubai since 1966. Spreading waves of happiness every moment, in person or online.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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