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Earth Base Camp:

Villa 04-17 Western Residences

Falconcity of Wonders.

Coordinates: 25°06'06.3"N 55°20'44.7"E

Dubai - U.A.E.

Mobile: +97155 456 8474





Whatsapp: +97155 718 7267

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 Preparing for the Future 

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Tweaking focus of  Human Nature from Global to Multiversal

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For Password put: 123Mnb

Adjusting to the next dimension

1. Friday: Recipes & Gardening

2. Saturday: Religion of humanity-Serve humankind

3. Sunday: Divine Contemplation

4. Monday: Vibrational Therapy for Anger

5. Tuesday: Interviews

6. Wednesday: Body Language

7. Thursday: Humer


My Intro:

Crashlanded in Karachi, Pakistan on October 8, 1946. -  Skidded to Dubai, U.A.E. in 1966. (Then The Trucial States)

Till now Tweaking human emotions in Dubai by Spreading vibes of happiness moment to moment, in person or online.

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